6 Effective Ways to Prevent Injury During Exercise

Linda D. Garrow

Knowing tips to prevent injury during exercise can save you from a lot of damage. It’s essential to understand how important it is to be cautious whenever you workout; otherwise, one wrong move could lead to painful accidents.

There have been times when individuals have not taken precautions before working out, causing fatal injuries. Sometimes these injuries last a lifetime and are something you would want to avoid. Therefore, the best practice is to understand how you can protect yourself before and after your workout session.

Here are 6 ways you can prevent injury during exercise

Once you know the basic tips, it’ll help you navigate each workout session in a much safer fashion.

1) Always warm-up

This is the first rule of the gym and every workout session. You need to warm up regardless of what type of workout you’ll be doing.

When you warm up, you enable your muscles to open up and smoothen the blood & oxygen circulation. Allowing your muscles to open up will protect you from numerous injuries, most of which are severe muscle pulls.


2) Start slow

Even though you’ve warmed up, it’s important not to jump into a heavy weight. A better way to prevent injury during exercise is to take it slow. While your muscles may be able to lift heavy weights, it’s better to go slow and allow them to get used to the workout and resistance.

If you go too heavy too quickly, there’s a chance your muscles will suffer from cramps.

3) Don’t ego-lift

Once you’ve warmed up and started your workout routine, you may want to push yourself every day, especially for progressive overload. But, everyone’s muscles have a limit, and you must be aware of yours.

Don’t push so hard in the name of progressive overload that you injure your joints.


4) Stick to your routine

Once you begin your workout, it shouldn’t be a haphazard workout. You need to stick to a routine. For example, if you’ve done warm-ups for the chest muscles and moved on to a chest workout, it’s best to stick to that.

If you jump from one chest exercise to a back exercise, you’re putting your lat muscles at risk. If you want to change muscle groups, try the ones that have already been engaged during chest exercises, such as triceps.

5) Keep hydrating yourself

One of the tips to prevent injury during exercise involves hydration. There can be times when you do not feel thirsty at all, but you still need to hydrate yourself constantly.

The reason why it’s important is that the water helps in keeping the body’s fluid balance, replacing what evaporates from the skin (sweat). This allows the body to function normally and reduces stress caused by heat.

6) Focus on your form

Even if you follow everything said above, you won’t be able to prevent injury during exercise if your form is incorrect, and this applies to all exercises.

Additionally, if you try to lift too heavily with an incorrect form, you’re opening all the gates of injury.


Bonus tip: Cool down after your workout

Once you’re done with your workout, you must cool down. This enables you to focus on your heart health.

Your heart rate increases massively when you’re weight training. However, once you’re done, the rate drops. Cooling down allows the rate to drop steadily instead of dropping within seconds. Allowing it to drop steadily can protect heart health by removing stress.

Bottom line

You can prevent injury during exercise if you focus on the above. Of course, no one can dismiss all chances of injury in the gym, but taking precautions can diminish the changes significantly.

However, if you injure yourself at the gym, you must rest and allow yourself to heal before coming back. Working out with an injured muscle or joint will make it worse. Take some time off, heal, and come back stronger!


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