Top Business Ideas for Using Tech-Based Solutions to Create Great Marketing Campaigns

Linda D. Garrow

The purpose of this article is to discuss marketing techniques that are unique and creative for business owners. These marketing tactics will incorporate the use of technology in order to create marketing strategies that are innovative. The main idea of these unique marketing ideas is that they focus on creating projects that really stand out by using the power of new technologies. So, here are some examples.

1. Using Cross-channel Marketing

Cross-channel marketing is a technique that combines two or more communication channels with the goal of creating meaningful communication, with positive results. The main idea is to use various communication channels such as social media such as Facebook and Twitter, email marketing, and incorporating online advertising techniques into one cohesive message. Using cross-channel marketing allows you to engage your customers across all communication channels in order to create a dialogue that affects brand loyalty and engagement. It is important to note that using cross-channel marketing does not simply mean sending out information on multiple communication channels, which means creating an experience where each channel plays a role in reinforcing your brand’s overall messaging strategy. It is a way of using all available technologies in order to create a direct and measurable impact on your brand image.

2. Using QR Codes

QR codes or quick response codes are two-dimensional barcodes that you see popping up on websites, business cards, magazines, and any other surface where you can add a graphic onto it. They are simple to use and very effective in terms of generating interest. The idea is that they can be printed on almost anything from a business card, print ad, or even an outdoor sign. When people scan the code with their phone, it will lead them to various sources such as websites where they can find more information about your company or even make a purchase. It is important to note that the QR code reader may not be activated on all phones, so you need to experiment with the best ways in order to get people interested in scanning these codes if necessary. For example, you might want to create a QR code for a special discount offer which might appeal more to your customers. Also, using this technique does not mean merely redirecting people from one platform to another, as it is a way of creating an experience that involves the use of multiple platforms.

3. Incorporating Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing is a technique in which businesses strategically place ad campaigns and advertising techniques in areas where their target market spends time. The idea is to create an experience with the brand by using technology in order to reach out to consumers, creating awareness and engagement through various communication channels such as social media such as Facebook and Twitter, email marketing, and incorporating online advertising into one cohesive message. With location-based marketing, it is important to note that you can reach out to consumers in real-time with messages that are meant to drive traffic. One successful example of this type of technology-driven marketing strategy is the one implemented by Domino’s Pizza when they used location-based advertising through targeted geotargeting in order to successfully encourage more customers to make orders online. It also allows for a more effective way of tracking your campaign’s efficacy.

4. Using AI For Your Business

AI or Artificial Intelligence can be used in your business to enhance your customer experience by implementing chatbots, virtual assistants, or even voice recognition. This is a way of using technology to build a smart business by creating automated systems that can respond to your customers automatically while still understanding their needs and preferences. There are many ways in which you can use AI, some of the most important includes:

  • Chatbots—Using chatbots on social media or on your website allows you to provide personalized customer support without having to hire an additional human resource. As they reduce costs, these virtual assistants also impart speed and convenience for all parties involved.
  • Virtual Assistants-By allowing your customers to communicate with real-time virtual assistants such as Siri or Cortana, they will be able to organize their schedule and manage other activities such as booking travel arrangements or making restaurant reservations without having to go through the trouble of searching for them online.
  • Voice recognition- This is relevant for eCommerce businesses as it allows customers to purchase goods by simply speaking into their phones. For example, Amazon’s Echo which only responds when you call its name Alexa can be used to play music, set an alarm, or even order products online.

5. Adopting Video Marketing

With video marketing growing more popular every day, companies are finding new ways to use this medium in order to reach out to their target consumers. Video marketing is a great way of advertising your business because it helps you provide value to your target audience by making interesting videos that people will be willing to spend time on. There are different kinds of video marketing techniques available. For example, one way is to incorporate product demonstration videos, through which you can showcase your products in just about any setting or environment that makes them look appealing. These videos also show how they work and the various ways in which they can be used. Another way of using video to market your products is through customer testimonial videos, where real users talk about their experiences with your brand and why they like it. Finally, company profile videos for eCommerce businesses help prospects understand what kind of values or vision you stand for as a business.

6. Using Gamification

Gamification is an exciting way of using game mechanics to create customer loyalty through the use of points, badges, and leaderboards. Game mechanics such as these create an immersive and engaging experience that makes the business or product more fun to use. Moreover, by providing your loyal customers with status symbols such as badges and trophies, you can provide them with a sense of achievement which will motivate them to stay engaged with your brand. This technique has been successfully implemented by companies such as Starbucks and Dropbox through their respective loyalty programs in order to increase customer engagement and retention rates. By doing this, it becomes easier for customers to progress through different levels and unlock special rewards. Also, making your business a game gives you the chance to create a sense of competition among users and provide them with an incentive to get more referrals.

There is a multitude of business ideas that can help you take your business to the next level. Using technology, businesses have been able to find new and innovative ways in which they can market their products and services. The six examples provided above are just some of the many kinds of marketing campaigns that may be beneficial for your particular industry. So, if you are looking to take your marketing strategy to the next level, then these are some ideas that you should consider.

Top Business Ideas for Using Tech-Based Solutions to Create Great Marketing Campaigns

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