The Most Popular International Travel Destinations For 2022

Linda D. Garrow

International travel is poised to make a surge in 2022 and our readers are ready! Over 35 percent of our readers, age 50 and up, plan to make at least one international journey this year. The top eight destinations include beautiful European bucket list spots, as well as our easy-to-get-to neighbors like Canada and Mexico. Read on to discover the full list!

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With favorites like Rome and more quaint towns like Calabria, there is a certain charm Italy has year-round, and our readers continue to bask in it. Between the beautiful landscape and cherished history that lives on in Italy, it would be difficult to choose between a countryside, Tuscany road trip, or a visit to the historic bell tower of Lake Resia.

Aside from the memorable destinations to visit in Italy, TravelAwaits has provided tips on communicating like an Italian and has even explored the world of prosciutto.

Speaking of food, you can’t mention Italy without it. From food tours in northern Italy to the best truffle festivals all around the country, it’s safe to say that there’s something for even the pickiest of eaters to enjoy along the Italian streets.

Italy is a destination that is hard to pass over when planning your international vacation. But who knows? Maybe you’ll visit and fall in love with some leaning Italian towers that aren’t located in Pisa.

street at Banff city Canada during winter
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As many people know, during wintertime, Canada is transformed into a wonderland of snow. It’s also the perfect chance to explore the powdery terrain of the Trans Canada Trail, or be swooned by the charm of a Canadian Christmas village.

But the fun doesn’t stop when the holiday season is over. Visit British Columbia’s Vancouver Island and discover the visual euphoria of Butchart Gardens. Another one of our more popular destinations, Prince Edward Island provides travelers the opportunity to soak in one of Canada’s best coastal experiences as well as a literary road trip based on Anne of Green Gables.

Whether it’s how to spend a day in St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador or how to enjoy lobster in Nova Scotia, TravelAwaits has you covered when it comes to all things Canada. And, before you pinpoint that perfect town to check off your travel list, be sure to see our 2021 guide to Canada’s friendliest small towns.

Caribbean beach in Tulum, Mexico
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When it comes to luxury resorts, pristine beaches, and delectable cuisine, Mexico has all of the above. Ponder your destination choices with places like Isla Mujeres or Isla Holbox. But if narrowing down your options tends to be a tricky task, simply enjoy all there is to do in the country’s capital, Mexico City.

Not only does the beauty and relaxation of Mexico continue to attract visitors worldwide, but its history is also worth noting — Mexico being one of the premier destinations to learn about the ancient Maya civilization. Visit Yucatan to traverse through two archeological sites at Chichen Itza and Uxmal, get over to Quintana Roo to learn about the Maya ruins of Coba, or explore all three in one trip!

With coastal towns like Tulum and Sayulita, and some of the country’s freshest lobster on the Yucatan Islands, Mexico is sure to joy travelers of all walks of life — but especially expats.

Paris, France, during fall.
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Paris (France)

While many travelers look to be indulged in the Parisian culture of the Eiffel Tower and the many things that make Paris the City of Lights, others might prefer to enjoy a quiet picnic or pamper themselves with a French spa. Either way, Paris alone can fill the itineraries of casual and professional travelers alike.

Throughout the year, travel became a bit complicated. But our writers still kept readers informed on their favorite destinations, especially Paris. Although it might be known for things like cafés and history, the city also has luxurious champagne bars and enticing train trips from Paris for visitors to explore.

While good food, better views, and historic locations all attract Paris’s eclectic mix of tourists, it’s the shopping that really makes the city’s individuality stand out. If you’re already knee deep in the culture and history of Paris, double down and check out one of the city’s most well-known vintage shops. If you’re a heavy-hitting fashion guru, however, you may want to be pointed in the direction of Paris’s best designer bargains.

Whatever it may be, Paris is designed to thrill visitors. And if you don’t know where to stay, check out these luxurious hostels, one of many options for overnight stays in the city.

View of the old city center and the cathedral from the top of the Space Metropol Parasol (Setas de Sevilla)
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It’s no surprise that our readers are looking forward to visiting the beautiful Mediterranean country of Spain. From the laid back culture, preserved historical architecture, delectable cuisine, and incredible coastal beaches, Spain is always at the top of travel bucket lists.

Spain offers a rich history for travelers to explore, like the 11th-century town of Avila, dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spectacular castles dot the countryside, including Alcazar de Segovia, the castle said to have inspired Cinderella’s in Walt Disney World. Venture over to the Atlantic coast to take in Costa da Morte, or Coast of Death, which, despite the name, has fabulous beaches to relax on during your trip.

Foodies will love the authentic and flavorful Spanish cuisine found around every corner. Discover some of the top bars and tapas restaurants in Seville and some of the best spots to enjoy paella in Barcelona. Don’t miss stopping by the oldest restaurant in the world if you’re traveling through Spain! This restaurant has been open for over 300 years and is known for its mouth-watering suckling pig.

Glendalough Valley, Ireland
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Ireland is another popular travel destination for Americans; it tops many ancestral trail bucket lists. It is truly a charming country to explore, speckled throughout with friendly, culture-rich villages.

We all know the traditional Irish color is green and that’s because this country is full of rich green landscape, as far as the eye can see. Renting a car and road-tripping through the narrow, windy highways is an excellent way to meet locals and experience the true culture. Make sure to pop into a few pubs along the way, especially Sean’s Bar in Athlone, quite possibly the oldest operational bar in the world.

Many travelers choose to start their trip in Dublin, the capital of Ireland and the perfect hub to begin and end day trips. Don’t miss visiting the incredible Cliffs of Moher, an easy 3-hour drive from the city. History lovers and superstitious travelers alike will love seeing the Blarney Castle in County Cork, less than 4 hours from the city. Legend has it, if you lie on your back and bend back to kiss the stone, you’ll be blessed with the “gift of gab.” (We can’t speak to whether or not this will be a blessing for the rest of your travel group.)

Big Ben in London, England at sunset /

London (England)

England, in particular, the capital city of London, is the next international hotspot our readers can’t wait to visit in 2022. Since English is clearly the primary language, the country is comfortable and friendly for Americans to vacation.

London is one of the world’s oldest cities and many historic buildings and traditions remain intact. Make sure to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Westminster Abbey, a medieval Gothic church that has been home to many significant events, including the crownings of kings and queens since 1066. Speaking of royalty, everyone has to check out Kensington Palace, home to many members of the royal family, and Buckingham Palace, the official home of the queen. The Changing Of The Guards at Buckingham Palace ceremony happens daily at 11 a.m. and is a huge tourist attraction. Check online first to make sure your chosen day has a public ceremony scheduled.

Aside from royals, London is rich with renowned museums, great foodie finds, and fabulous champagne bars. Make sure to map out your journey in advance; public transportation is the easiest way to venture but can cause some initial confusion.

germany river cruise
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Germany, another popular travel destination, offers visitors a chance to explore the rich culture, carefully preserved cities, and plenty of outdoor activities in the countryside. Plus, who doesn’t want to experience at least one Oktoberfest in its homeland?

Many people may first think of the larger cities, like Berlin and Munich, when planning a Germany trip. Of course, war historians must spend time exploring these cities. Berlin houses many preserved World War II sites; check out our writer’s top recommendations here. And, the town of Dachau, just northwest of Munich, draws almost a million visitors annually for a somber experience, visiting one of Germany’s most infamous concentration camps.

This country is also full of smaller medieval towns like Regensburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town, complete with cobblestone streets and beautifully preserved ancient architecture, is the oldest city along the Danube River. The southern part of the German countryside is ripe with wineries, perfect to stop for a sip while taking in the serene hilly landscape. Germans love their water activities and every traveler should spend a day relaxing on one of the best islands in the Baltic Sea, Rügen.

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