Steps to Write a Neat Happy Birthday Handwriting

Linda D. Garrow

Handwriting is a type of writing that indicates someone’s emotional closeness. Especially if it is written on a greeting card and given at a certain moment, for example, a birthday, of course, the party receiving it feels flattered.

However, not everyone can write neatly in handwriting, because they are not used to it or simply can’t do it. For those of you who have illegible handwriting, cursive and untidy, here’s how you can do it. That way, in not too long time, you can write in an orderly and well-readable form. Also, pay attention to related articles: handwritten letters are the best

Steps to Write a Neat Happy Birthday Handwriting

Writing Regularly

The ease of technology makes humans lazy to write, even for happy birthday handwriting though. Therefore, make sure you take a little time to write each day. At least do the exercise at least once a day by writing one paragraph per day. And do it regularly so that your writing is more neat and orderly.

Use an exercise book so you can track how the progress of your writing every day. If it is neat and you want to add variety to your writing, you can see various tutorials scattered on the internet. As a medium for learning and honing your skills.

Good Writing Steps

There are several happy birthday handwriting ways that you can do to get writing that is not only neat. But also good and well readable. Here are a few things you can do to create beautiful and legible writing.

  1. Use a comfortable pen and writing utensil, because it affects the form of writing. If you are comfortable with one type of pen and produce good writing, you should be loyal and use the same cellphone for a long time.
  2. Happy birthday handwriting will be more interesting if you are not in a hurry when doing it. This is because writing hastily will make it more blurry and continuous, making it difficult to read.
  3. Loosen the grip of the hand from the pen or pencil you are holding, so that your hands can move more freely. If you’re too tense, you’ll make the text even more unreadable.
  4. Write Simple, Short, and Sincere Messages. If you think writing long and convoluted sentences will flatter the recipient of the message, you are wrong, that is not an effective way to write a message on a greeting card. Write a few sentences that really represent your heart and then send it. Don’t forget to include your signature at the end of your message. If you are having trouble putting together a few sentences, just say a few words that express your happiness, for example, “It’s an honor to know you, happy birthday” if it’s for the birthday person.
  5. Use Quotes When You Don’t Know What To Write. This is a common method that many people use when they run out of ideas. You are free to quote anything, many beautiful quotes that can be easily searched on the internet. Using quotes will give a special impression to the recipient of the greeting card
  6. Don’t be afraid to be weird. A greeting card containing a formal message that people have often heard does not leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Try to express your feelings and don’t hesitate to write something weird and funny on the greeting card. Writing a short joke or calling the recipient of the message by your nickname will make the message on the greeting card more unique, funny, and touching.
  7. Instead of writing a greeting card with a message that is too long, it’s better to just write a letter. If you feel there are many things you want to say to the recipient of the greeting card because you haven’t seen him for a long time and want to chat with that person, it’s a good idea to write a letter. Include your letter on the back of the greeting card you send.

Try Writing a Letter

After doing the various stages of the exercise, it’s a good idea to also do other exercises by writing letters. That way, happy birthday handwriting, you can add to the list of words used as well as writing skills. You don’t need to make it right away, do it slowly for maximum results. Also, pay attention to the article handwritten letters are the best

Those are the easy ways and steps to write, especially for those of you who want to write your birthday wishes. A handwritten happy birthday letter written by yourself is much more appreciated than writing it using type or print technology.

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