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Linda D. Garrow

Why have you chosen to make your career at Husch Blackwell?

I chose Husch Blackwell because of its commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I). Through the firm’s DE&I leadership, inclusion is discussed and pushed forward on all levels – the entire depth of what inclusion means, not merely the standard definition of diversity. This was a concept that never surfaced when speaking with other firms. 

I was invited to Husch Blackwell’s Denver office during my 1L year. The stars began to align when a real estate partner introduced me to other Husch Blackwell attorneys. It really felt like a fit. I interviewed with the firm through the Center for Legal Inclusiveness Job Fair, was hired as a summer associate, and ultimately started full time with the firm after graduation. 

My goal as a law student was to work for a firm that had a strong real estate practice and where my diverse perspective felt valued, and I have found that at Husch Blackwell.

What is one thing that makes Husch Blackwell special?

Every law firm has great clients and talented attorneys, but it’s the type of people that makes Husch Blackwell special. They care about mentorship, diversity and my career path; but they also care about who I am outside of the office and make space for me to be that person.

Describe the mentoring and coaching support you have received at Husch Blackwell.

My experience with the firm’s mentoring is three-pronged. First, I have been assigned a formal mentor who has walked in my shoes and provides counsel on everything from internal networking to billing to getting involved in the Denver office and community. The second prong involves those partners who have taken a personal interest in my career and in helping me to grow professionally. They assign work and introduce me to partners in other offices, which is so important for an associate. Third are the unofficial mentors within my practice whom I can talk to about specific issues I’m seeing and lean on when deals are atypical.

Is there a recent achievement you found particularly rewarding?

I was part of team who worked on a 15-property portfolio that was closing in December 2021. I focused on a very problematic property, but learned from the partners how to address the issues successfully. Being that it was during the holidays and the deal closed prior to year end, it was challenging – but also very gratifying to deliver to the client on time. 

How has Husch Blackwell supported you in achieving work/life balance?

The partners I work with ensure I have the resources I need to find balance. For example, I had just started at the firm and unexpectedly had to move. A partner I was working with could see how stressful the situation was and gave me time to solidify my housing situation. His actions showed me that he cared, and that created an environment where I’m comfortable asking for what I need. 

What is your advice for a new hire?

Be who you are, not who you think others want you to be. The firm values your perspectives and your individuality. Our unique, diverse experiences make us an exceptional group.

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