How to Promote Instagram Videos

Linda D. Garrow

Video marketing on Instagram is the best way to increase your online presence, ultimately boosting your brand recognition and customer loyalty. But the question is how to promote Instagram videos?

Below are mentioned five easy but effective ways to promote Instagram videos and expose your content to a larger audience. Check it out.

  1. Use Best Hashtags

Hashtags help your videos attract more views and get more engagements. More engagement means more business. While using hashtags on your Instagram videos make sure you choose the best hashtags to increase the visibility of your Instagram videos. Your hashtags should be specific enough to get more engagement.

  2. Run Ads on Instagram Videos

An Instagram business profile comes with a lot of benefits and one of them is that you get the authority to advertise your Instagram posts and videos. With the increasing number of Instagram users, it is pretty difficult to reach people with only organic content. You can take advantage of paid Instagram advertisements to promote Instagram videos.

  3. Create Videos on Trending Topics

Following trends is a very good idea to promote your Instagram videos. Do some research and look for what trending on the internet. Take advantage of that and create videos on trending topics. While recreating a trending video, make sure you create the video in your own unique way.

  4. Collaborate

One of the best ways to promote Instagram videos is collaboration. To expand your audience, you have to collaborate with big brands and influencers. Collaborations allow you to get more exposure and you can attract followers outside of your profile.

  5. Create Contests

You can promote your Instagram videos by organizing online contests and giveaways. As Instagram is a photo-video social app, try creating a photo-video contest to attract a larger audience to your Instagram profile. One thing you can do is invite users to take photos with your products and make the winners happy with a prize.

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