Goa, Maldives most preferred travel destinations

Linda D. Garrow

Vaccinations, booster doses, easing restrictions, and wanderlust got us making travel plans and actually traveling. From domestic or international, offbeat or popular destinations, staycations, or workstations – CRED members explored all travel options curated for them on its travel section.

Based on the bookings data, here are some insights from the bookings made in Q1 2022:

70 percent of members made bookings for the weekend. Despite having the option of staycations, individuals chose to unwind during the weekends to get away from the daily routine.

Goa, the eternal favorite, remained the most sought-after destination with 2000+ travelers choosing to travel to the Western coast. Hard Rock Hotel, Radisson Resort Candolim, and Holiday Inn were the most picked properties in Goa. Members also get exclusive member perks such as all meals, room upgrades, free cancellation, access to attractions, and more.

Coorg was the second most popular vacation destination for domestic travel. Cred has 10+ stays listed in the hill station, which is famous for its coffee plantations. WelcomHeritage Ayatana situated in the lush greenery of Coorg with a private waterfall adding to the serenity was the most booked property by members.

The Maldives was the most preferred international holiday destination during this time period. The average price of booking a stay was? 140,000 for a 3-night and 4-day stay. Members got additional perks such as seaplane transfers, unlimited alcohol, access to water sports, floating breakfast, and more

Europe and Dubai were second and third most-picked holiday destinations abroad respectively. Curated European holiday packages covering Switzerland, Turkey, France, and other parts of Europe were much in demand.

Sharmistha Chakraborty, co-founder of Voyaah, one of CRED’s leading travel partners said “We are glad to be associated with CRED and offer our unique range of experiential stays and packages to its distinct community of members from across the country. Through this partnership, we have seamlessly been able to integrate our premium offerings on the platform and continue to see a significant uptake in bookings through specially curated deals for CRED members. As the travel opens up again across domestic and international destinations, we are confident we will continue to witness high engagement on CRED Travel.”

CRED travel enables members to take luxurious holidays with VIP inclusions in international and Indian destinations with curated experiences that range from complimentary meals to adventure sports. An extended travel period gives members the flexibility to book now to avail of the deals but travel at their convenience.

Goa, Maldives most preferred travel destinations

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