10 Road Trip Destinations On The West Coast That Are Perfect For BFFs

Linda D. Garrow

The modern culture of excessively busy lives leaves little time for fun with friends. Taking a friend on a road trip is one of the best experiences people can share. Road trips are fun since they force friends to escape their daily routines. There’s no better place to make new memories than a road trip on the West Coast. It’s a great opportunity to discover new places and try unique activities. Here are ten road trip destinations on the West Coast suitable for friends.

10 Yosemite National Park

No road trip to California is complete without visiting the Yosemite National Park. Some cool destinations for taking photos with friends include Glacier Point and the Half Dome. Seeing these sites in person makes a trip worthwhile. Friends will enjoy the park even more if they plan the trip around summer. Run-ins with wildlife, the sight of waterfalls, and the smell of fresh wood will inspire the duo or group.

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9 Sonoma/Napa

Friends who like wine-tasting will not go wrong with Sonoma. The Sonoma Valley is popular for its wine production, so visitors will sample more flavors than they can handle. The town has a lot to offer in terms of grapes and vines since they are the primary ingredients used in wine brewing. Visitors can also relax and socialize with the locals in one of the many dive bars in the town. Most people who visit Sonoma end up overstaying or coming back for more.

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8 Solvang/Buellton

Like Sonoma, Solvang is also a wine town. Located in California, the town is a must-visit for travelers who want to experience a Danish-themed city. It’s a popular destination for a road trip if one wants to indulge in wine-and-cheese bachelor parties. Travelers will have plenty of getaways to relax in the town. The Hitching Post II and Anderson’s Pea House are two of the most iconic ones. Sonoma is not an expensive town, and most services will be relatively cheaper compared to more developed urban centers such as Los Angeles or Sacramento.

7 Palm Springs

Hikers and general travelers will love what Palm Springs offers. The town had a boring reputation a few years ago as the only people interested in spending time there were old. Things have changed for the better. The influx of investors and developers transformed the town into a vibrant gem that hikers should add to their road trip map. Friends passing through Palm Springs will be treated to the classic west coast vibe. There’s something for everyone. Music fans, drinkers, hipsters, the young, and the old will not be bored.

6 The Oregon Coast Goonies Tour

Oregon has one of the most amazing coastlines in the United States. Nearly every mile of the long stretch has something special, from cheese factories to fisheries and seafood shacks. What’s even more amazing are the views, especially at sunset. Finding a good spot to watch the sun go down over a bottle of wine is easy. Goonies country takes the medal anytime if one has to choose a specific coastline to visit in the state. It covers the stretch from Astoria to Cannon Beach. It has some of the most iconic places one can visit with friends, including the Oregon Film Museum, which used to be a jailhouse. Later, travelers can kick it on Cannon beach, which is suitable as a vacation town. Astoria also serves as a shopping and fishing town with some of the best restaurants in Oregon.

5 Olympic National Park

The Olympic National Park is a great road trip destination for travelers entering Washington State. Its snow-covered mountains are iconic. The rocky Pacific coast is contrasted by the temperate rainforests spanning nearly one million square miles. Travelers should remember that not all parts of the park are accessible by road. However, friends that want a hiking and backpacking experience will find a lot to like at the Olympic National Park. They’ll have a chance to watch wildlife, catch fish, and ride on rafts. If their trip coincides with the winter, there’s no reason not to ski.

4 Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood is a stratovolcano mountain in Oregon. It’s located about 50 miles east-southeast of Portland and graces the skyline above the city breathtakingly. Hikers that want a chance to ski during their trip should have Mt. Hood on their to-do list as it’s known to have snow caps nearly all year round. The mountain also accommodates wildlife in the National Forest around it. It’s perfect for camping since it’s only a short distance from Portland. Friends will enjoy other activities at Mt Hood, including swimming, riding the Alpine Slide, and driving between the vistas.

3 Friday Harbor

A road trip along the west coast is incomplete without visiting Friday Harbor. It’s located on San Juan Island in Washington State. Friends can ride on the state ferries to the island. If relaxation is not on the schedule, travelers can rent bicycles and spend a few days exploring the island while trying different hotels. They should not get off the island before visiting Roche Harbor to watch the sunset over the marina.

2 Vancouver, BC

The West Coast is not limited to American roads and towns. There are many interesting places to visit, less than an hour’s drive from the northern border. Vancouver is one of the most underrated cities in North America. Being close to Seattle means there is no reason not to cross into Canada and see what Vancouver offers. It could be one’s first-time entering the country, so why not? Vancouver has spectacular sceneries and an impressive skyline. If travelers have more time, they can check out Granville Island and try some fish and chips at the farmers’ market.

1 Tijuana, Mexico

Like Vancouver, Tijuana is not an American city but a Mexican one. Being a border city makes it worth visiting on a West Coast road trip. Friends can officially mark Mexico as one of the countries they visited on their trip. Tijuana is amazing and is only a few hours from San Diego. It’s great for attending night parties and enjoying Mexican dishes.


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